tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements
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tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Flowers are used in all sorts of ways to decorate for events and beautify the home. Do you know how to get the floral arrangements that you need or enjoy at a price that you can afford? Do you know how to alter arrangements to make them exactly what you want? My website contains a lot of tips that can help you save on the cost of floral arrangements around your home or during your next big event. Hopefully, you will enjoy the pictures included and the instructions will be easy for you to follow to create those beautiful displays of flowers.


tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Why Flowers Make The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Everett Crawford

Christmas in the U.S. has a unique climate division. It is warmer and less icy and snowy the farther south you go, and colder and whiter the farther north you go. Yet, when it comes down to considering flowers as a gift for Christmas, a lot of people overlook fresh cut flowers. Really, you should reconsider flowers, as they make the perfect gift at Christmastime. Here is why.

​Half the Nation Will Not See Anything Colorful or Pretty Smelling for the Next Four to Six Months

​Think about it. The closest anyone gets to something green, growing, and/or pretty-smelling is the all-natural Christmas tree. If you got flowers and you live where it is cold, bleak, colorless, and lacking in pretty smells for several months, you would probably be pretty happy to see the fragrant blooms. Even if you live down south, there is occasionally frosty weather that is unkind to plants, and most plants have to be brought indoors. Fresh flowers bursting with scent and color are a delight to the senses this time of year.

The Cold Will Not Kill Them

​It sounds funny, but the cold will not kill your bouquets delivered by flower services. The flowers are essentially already dead the minute they are cut from the soil, and they are preserved in refrigerated tubs of water. Worrying about how the cold weather will affect your deliveries then is rather silly. The flowers will not only survive the twenty-four to forty-eight-hour overnight delivery, they will be just fine when your recipients receive them at home or at work.

​Flowers Become the Centerpiece of Any Holiday Table

​What do people use to decorate the center of the holiday table now? Sometimes it is a poinsettia, sometimes it is a fake arrangement. Fresh flowers in a holiday-themed vase and arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way immediately become the centerpiece of any table. It is where people most commonly place bouquets of flowers in order to show off the flowers. Bouquets are also used to brighten hall tables so that guests immediately see something pretty the minute they enter the front door. 

​Ordering in Time for Christmas

​If you want to order and send flowers, you can easily do it online. There are several online shops, many of which work with local florists in the towns where the flowers will be delivered. To get your gifts of flowers to the recipients by Christmas (and there are no deliveries on Christmas Day), order up to three business or delivery days before the holiday.

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