tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements
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tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Flowers are used in all sorts of ways to decorate for events and beautify the home. Do you know how to get the floral arrangements that you need or enjoy at a price that you can afford? Do you know how to alter arrangements to make them exactly what you want? My website contains a lot of tips that can help you save on the cost of floral arrangements around your home or during your next big event. Hopefully, you will enjoy the pictures included and the instructions will be easy for you to follow to create those beautiful displays of flowers.


tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Sympathy Gift Ideas For Family Members

Everett Crawford

If one of your co-workers recently passed away and you would like to express your sympathy, the following items can be given to the family of the deceased. 

Sympathy Flower Arrangement, Wreath, Or Living Plant

Visit a florist to browse sympathy flowers, decorations, and plants that are available. If you choose to have an arrangement made, select flowers that emit a soft, pleasant scent and that will brighten up a table or shelf inside of the home of the recipients.

A wreath that is covered with a variety of flowers is another option that will let the family of your co-worker know that you are thinking of them. They can hang the wreath from a door in order to commemorate their loved one's life. If you opt to purchase a living plant, family members of the recently departed will be able to enjoy its beauty each day be reminded of their loved one whenever they gaze at it.

Book Of Memories

Purchase a scrapbook and fill it with memories of your co-worker and photographs of some moments at work, if you have any in your possession. Ask some of the other people who you work with if they would be willing to write some of their fondest memories in the scrapbook or contribute photographs of their own that include moments that were shared with the individual who has passed away.

Present the family members with the book, along with a card that expresses your sorrow upon hearing the bad news about their loved one. The recipients of the scrapbook will be able to cheer themselves up and think of their loved one in a positive manner whenever they read some of the memories or look at the pictures. 

Basket Filled With Non-Perishable Food Items 

Purchase a large, decorative basket and a wide range of non-perishable food items to place inside of the basket. Crackers, peanut butter, nuts, soups, or potted meat are some food items that can be added to the basket. Secure a gift card to the basket's handle and write your condolences on the card.

The family members of the deceased will appreciate having a selection of food items to choose from, especially when they are not feeling up to preparing an extensive meal that requires cooking. Once all of the food inside of the basket has been consumed, the recipients of the basket can use it to store other items.