tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements
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tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Flowers are used in all sorts of ways to decorate for events and beautify the home. Do you know how to get the floral arrangements that you need or enjoy at a price that you can afford? Do you know how to alter arrangements to make them exactly what you want? My website contains a lot of tips that can help you save on the cost of floral arrangements around your home or during your next big event. Hopefully, you will enjoy the pictures included and the instructions will be easy for you to follow to create those beautiful displays of flowers.


tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Fun Ideas To Make Floral Arrangements With Flair

Everett Crawford

Fresh flowers bring life to your table and home, so why not make them distinct and different? Before settling for arrangements that are simple and straight-forward, try some of the following suggestions to add some fun flair:

Back-to-school baubles. Celebrate the kids going back to school or send something special to your favorite college student. Use vertical, linear vases for your arrangements and add your own touch of class with pencils and your hot-glue gun. Simply cover the outside of the vessel with pencils standing side-to-side, glue to secure, and fill with water and blooms.

The longevity of leather. Another great way to cover-up a plant pot or simple vase is to wrap it with leather belts. Use the buckles to secure the belts around the vase, cut to fit if necessary. These add a rustic touch and make the perfect arrangement to give to your male friends.

An autumnal arrangement. A festive way to welcome autumn is to use some of the season's staples for your floral display. For instance, use a hollowed out pumpkin to conceal your vessel and make the flowers appear to be blooming from the pumpkin. Tilt the top and stem among the flowers for the finishing touch.

Blooms everywhere. You can recreate the traditional rose bowl with a single bloom and then add stems and flowers around the blossom inside your vessel. These are excellent touches for a wedding or anniversary table, creating a soft, feminine accent to your event.

A western touch. Another easy idea is to find a vase that will fit inside a cowboy boot; set the vase inside the boot for a fun western touch that is perfect for parties and barbecues. Use tall stemmed flowers so that they extend above the shaft of your boot, and place in the center of picnic tables or near the buffet for a fun, western touch.

For a fresh scent. Another way to display your flowers in a fresh way is by combining them with other produce. For example, sliced lemons lining the sides of your clear, glass vase gives the flowers a fresh, summery look while concealing the stems. This also brings a fragrant smell to the venue that guests will notice and inhale eagerly.

Fresh flowers definitely brighten up any space, room, or home and are an inexpensive way to bring beauty to your dwelling. Try these ideas to create something a little bit different and distinct when arranging your flowers and blooms.