tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements
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tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

Flowers are used in all sorts of ways to decorate for events and beautify the home. Do you know how to get the floral arrangements that you need or enjoy at a price that you can afford? Do you know how to alter arrangements to make them exactly what you want? My website contains a lot of tips that can help you save on the cost of floral arrangements around your home or during your next big event. Hopefully, you will enjoy the pictures included and the instructions will be easy for you to follow to create those beautiful displays of flowers.


tips for altering and cutting costs of floral arrangements

3 Cool Ways to Decorate Vases

Everett Crawford

If you're purchasing a bouquet of flowers for a friend, you might feel like the vases that are sold at the store are not personal enough. They might not be able to capture your friend's style or match the tone of your and your friend's relationship. Here are some ways that you can personalize your vase for a friend.

1. Add a Chalk Layer

Go to an art store and pick up a tube of chalkboard paint. This is a type of paint that essentially turns any surface into a chalkboard. While you are at the store, also pick up a cheap glass vase if you do not have one and some glass primer. Finally, purchase a paintbrush.

First, apply one or two coats of primer to the vase. This will help you make sure that the chalkboard paint is able to stick. Let the primer dry. Once the primer has dried, you can apply the chalkboard paint. Start by applying the chalkboard paint in a very thin layer. Once that layer dries, look at the paint and put another thin layer on if you can see the vase underneath still. Continue applying layers until it is thick enough for you to apply chalk to it and for the chalk to stand out clearly. If you test the chalkboard paint and it isn't thick enough, then simply rinse off the chalk, dry the vase, and apply another layer.

Once you've painted the entire vase, write a message to your friend on the vase with chalk. Take one or two pieces of chalk and tie a ribbon to each of them. Then, tie the ribbons to the neck of the vase so that your friend has something to write with.

2. Shine Up Your Mason Jar

Another option is to purchase a large mason jar and a can of metallic spray paint. Take the jar outside or lay down newspaper on the floor of your home. Spray the jar with the spray paint until it is totally covered. This will cause your mason jar to look sleek and futuristic while still retaining its vintage feel.

3. Paint Stripes

Purchase a white plastic vase, painter's tape, and a plastic paint in the color of your choice. Lay the painters tape in stripes so that they are parallel with the bottom of the base. Then, paint the areas of the vase with the paint that are not covered by the tape. When the paint is dry, remove the tape and you will have a perfectly striped vase.

For more ideas, talk to your florist.